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As Fractional or Part-Time CFO's, we provide the skills of a full-time CFO with a key difference: we are contracted on a part-time basis as an expert providing you with financial guidance on a tailor-made basis. This can be for 3 days per week or 3 days per month. Or anywhere in between. By outsourcing this role, you will reap many of the benefits of an in-house CFO without the associated cost.


Despite not being in your office full-time, we will be a key member of your team, fully familiar with processes, goals and performance metrics. We will work one-on-one with you the CEO, the entrepreneur and your key executives to help your businesses develop and grow.

Typically, we work for you individually. However, we can also provide a team solution to activities within the CFO remit.


  • Strategic financial planning

  • Manage your cross-border finance issues with foreign subsidiaries or parent company  

  • Set-up and/or oversight of Finance and Accounting Department 

  • Treasury, legal and cash management 

  • Invoice life-cycle: issuing, payments, accounts receivable and payments reconciliation

  • Preparation of financial documents for owners, accountants, auditors and tax authorities

  • IFRS/US GAAP/German financial reporting

  • Trouble-shooting in the finance department 

  • Restructuring + Crisis Management

  • Identify and execute tactical initiatives to drive performance and efficiencies

  • Equity and debt financing

  • Managing stock-exchange listed companies

  • Manage key stakeholder relationships

  • Team Leadership



You decide on exactly which services you want performed. You have full control over which activities you retain in-house and which ones you outsource. This means flexibility and lower cost.


As your CFO we bring a wealth of knowledge thanks to our broad experience in different companies across a variety of industries. We have managed companies and teams through growth phases and crisis situations. 

Expert, objective and unbiased advice

We provide objective and unbiased advice on all aspects of your business, totally independent of any company politics.

Onsite presence as required

Today, thanks to the cloud, many tasks within the CFO remit can be performed externally. This facilitates efficient, accurate and timely service while eliminating the need for a full-time onsite presence. Nevertheless, we will be in your offices as often as is required.


Find out how we can help your business

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