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Peak Consulting provides local bespoke CFO services to SME’s, Start-Ups and Scale-Ups with an international team of CFO's and finance teams.


Flexible and pragmatic CFO and finance team competence

Cost Efficient

Affordable access because you don't have the full cost of hiring staff

Local Presence

Covering numerous countries on-site or remotely as required


Providing companies, entrepreneurs and business owners with CFO competence & finance team services 



Part-Time CFO

Flexible and comprehensive CFO competence on a part-time basis at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee.

CFO Services

Outsource all or parts of your finance function. We provide a full range of tailor-made CFO services. On a long-term or project basis.

SMEs & Start-Ups

CFO competence from the outset, during scale-up phases and later. For when times are good but also when crises hit.

International Companies

Providing corporations with a local or international footprint with CFO competence.

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Peak Consulting GmbH's sole ambition is to make a contribution to the success of your business. Our philosophy and what drives us is the idea of making a "Contribution“ - it’s more than just providing a service. This is our WHY.


With our international team of CFO’s and local finance team staff in Germany and Spain, plus an ecosystem of service providers comprising accountants, tax advisors, lawyers, notaries, we help you to cost-efficiently run and manage the finance function in your company.


This encompasses all of the routine CFO work in addition to project work in the M&A field and solving cross-border issues. Our CFO's work on an interim or part-time basis (also referred to as "Fractional CFO").

We currently provide CFO as a Service in Germany, Switzerland, UK, France, Spain, Poland, Greece and Israel. 


Peak Consulting is owned and run by Leigh A. Hooper, a native Englishman based in Germany with 20 years CFO experience. 

Putting the finance function in safe hands is one of the most important contributors to entrepreneurial success

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