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We have a unique European ecosystem comprising accountants, tax advisors, lawyers, notaries and other specialist service providers relevant to the CFO remit in numerous countries with whom we have worked closely for many years.


Alternatively, we work with your service providers. 

Vedder Knoll AG
Accountants & Auditors, Bad Homburg

Vedder Knoll AG is a full-service tax advisory company majority-owned and run by Axel Vedder, a qualified German tax advisor and chartered accountant since 1993. We work with them on all aspects of tax work (including annual financial statements, tax-office liaising etc) and payroll services.

Mittreu GmbH
Accountants and Auditors, Königstein

Mittreu is also a full-service tax advisory company. We have used their accounting, auditing and payroll services purposes since 2004.

Blumenthal & Partner
Lawyers and Notaries, Bad Homburg

Blumenthal & Partner are an association of attorneys-at-law and notaries with their main focus on corporate law predominantly supporting international clients and look back at experience of more than 30 years. We have worked continually with them since 2004. Truly international, Werner Blumenthal, Dr. Markus Their and their colleagues work in German, English, French and Japanese.

Beiten Burkhardt
Law Firm, Munich

BEITEN BURKHARDT is one of the leading commercial law firms in Germany and advises on all areas of commercial law. Its offices are in Munich, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Berlin and Hamburg, in addition to Belgium, Russia and China.

bnt attorneys
Lawyers in Central & Eastern Europe

BNT is one of the leading international business law firms in Central and Eastern Europe. Its international teams of lawyers live and operate directly on location in the capital cities of Central and Eastern Europe and understand the special cultural and legal characteristics of the region.


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